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Ako Panuku supports and builds on the expertise and professionalism of Māori teachers, acknowledging and valuing their contribution to improving outcomes for students. Our goal is to support Māori teachers in ways that enhance their professionalism; and acknowledge the critical contribution they make to education and to the achievement of Māori students.

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If you are Māori and teaching any year 7 - 13 subject in Māori or English medium settings... then Ako Panuku is for YOU!

In order to access the full range of resources, courses and professional support register here with Ako Panuku.

Whether you are a professional leader, an experienced teacher or new to teaching reigster now.


Te Kupu o te Wiki

Nau mai - Nau mai, haere mai ki tō mātou kura!

See more resources for Te Wiki o te Reo Māori here

Upcoming Workshop

(17-19 Sept 2014, Christchurch)

Wānanga Reo

These workshops are designed for teachers wishing to improve their Māori language proficiency, and will focus on the impact of teaching on student learning.

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