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WEBINAR: PCT Support - Kia Mau, Kia Ita!

ONLINE | Tuesday, 03/11/2020

Enrolments Close: Tuesday, 03/11/2020 3:15pm

Tuesday, 3 November 2020

If you are a PCT, this hui is for you. The aim is to ensure you have what you need to finish the year well, feeling in control, on track with the many things that need to be done in Term 4 in terms of your PCT induction and mentoring programme, and also in relation to the requirements of end of year assessment.

During the 30-minute online hui you will have an opportunity to focus on one of three kaupapa:
- WELLBEING: Your own wellbeing – strategies for coping well after a long and difficult year
- INDUCTION AND MENTORING: Your induction and mentoring programme – ensuring you are on track for next year
- END OF YEAR ASSESSMENT: Your teaching, learning and assessment plan — ensuring you are on track to meet the many requirements of NCEA.

The meeting will be informal with opportunity for:
• focusing on the kaupapa of your choice
• Q&A
• small group or 1-1 discussion with a facilitator to discuss a specific area of focus for
term 4.

More Information (246 KB)

WEBINAR: The Essentials of Planning: The Planning Process in a Nutshell

ONLINE | Tuesday, 03/11/2020

Enrolments Close: Tuesday, 03/11/2020 3:30pm

Tuesday, 3 November 3:30 - 3:45pm

In this short and snappy 15 minute presentation, participants will be ‘stepped-through’ the planning process. This generic planning process can be applied at a whole department or school level, as well as at an individual kaiako level.

More Information (69 KB)

WEBINAR: The Essentials of Planning: Types of Plans - What's the difference?

ONLINE | Wednesday, 04/11/2020

Enrolments Close: Wednesday, 04/11/2020 3:30pm

Wednesday, 4 November, 3:30 - 3:45pm

What does a programme plan look like? Is it different to a unit plan? Where does lesson planning fit in? Join this 15 minute presentation to learn what the differences are between these three types of plans and how each might apply to your teaching context.

More Information (69 KB)

WEBINAR: The Essentials of Planning: Creating Specific Learning Outcomes

ONLINE | Thursday, 05/11/2020

Enrolments Close: Thursday, 05/11/2020 3:30pm

Thursday, 5 November, 3:30 - 3:45pm

Creating specific learning outcomes enables kaiako to ‘chunk’ the learning for students into manageable parts. Furthermore, it enables kaiako to focus their teaching and identify the most important ‘chunks’ of learning for assessment. In this 15 minute presentation, participants will learn how to breakdown achievement objectives and whāinga paetae in order to create specific learning outcomes.

More Information (69 KB)

Te Kāuta 1 - Kōkirihia Kia Ū! | Induction and Mentoring

Online | Available Now

What constitutes a high-quality induction and mentoring programme? This is one of six online modules for PCTs and mentors, which can be completed anywhere, anytime, in an asynchronous, self-directed way. Each module takes up to 2 hours to complete.

More Information (27 KB)

Te Kāuta 2: Tātaihia te Ako - The Standards for the Teaching Profession & Cultural Competencies

Online | Available Now

Gain a greater knowledge and understanding of the Standards and how they guide practice, align with Tātaiako and how to use them as a tool for reflection on practice.  

Te Kāuta 3: Te Pakirehua | Teacher Inquiry

Online | Available Now

Gain knowledge of how to develop an inquiry to respond to student needs. 

Te Kāuta 4: Taunakitanga - he tūturu rānei? | Evidence and Portfolio

Online | Available Now

Improve your understanding of the importance of good evidence to support good practice.

Te Kāuta 5: Ngā Tino o te Whakarite Mahere Ako | Planning

Online | Available Now

Increase your understanding of the fundamentals of quality planning.

Te Kāuta 6: Te Koni Whakamua | Preparing for Certification

Online | Available Now

Get prepared for full certification. 

Tūhuratanga Pūtaiao 1

ONLINE | Available Now

This short module covers different types of scientific investigations to introduce to your ākonga.

Tūhuratanga Pūtaiao 2

ONLINE | Available Now

This second module, of the Tūhuratanga Pūtaiao series, covers the process of carrying out a scientific investigation and types of data that can be useful.

Tūhuratanga Pūtaiao 3

ONLINE | Available Now

This third module focuses on setting a good question for a scientific investigation.

Tūhuratanga Pūtaiao 4

ONLINE | Available Now

The final module in the Tūhuratanga Pūtaiao series, looks at observation as investigation.

Essentials of Planning (ONLINE)

Online | Available Now

Good planning is the key to ensuring successful outcomes for our students. Learn the essentials of planning in the self-paced, online module.

Essentials of Assessment

ONLINE | Available Now

This self-paced, online module discusses the essential components of assessment.
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