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PAEPAE AKO | Courses

That's it for 2021 face-to-face hui, but we have the following online courses available:


Te Kāuta 1 - Kōkirihia Kia Ū! | Induction and Mentoring

Online | Available Now

What constitutes a high-quality induction and mentoring programme? This is one of six online modules for PCTs and mentors, which can be completed anywhere, anytime, in an asynchronous, self-directed way. Each module takes up to 2 hours to complete.

More Information (27 KB)

Te Kāuta 2: Tātaihia te Ako - The Standards for the Teaching Profession & Cultural Competencies

Online | Available Now

Gain a greater knowledge and understanding of the Standards and how they guide practice, align with Tātaiako and how to use them as a tool for reflection on practice.  

Te Kāuta 3: Te Pakirehua | Teacher Inquiry

Online | Available Now

Gain knowledge of how to develop an inquiry to respond to student needs. 

Te Kāuta 4: Taunakitanga - he tūturu rānei? | Evidence and Portfolio

Online | Available Now

Improve your understanding of the importance of good evidence to support good practice.

Te Kāuta 5: Ngā Tino o te Whakarite Mahere Ako | Planning

Online | Available Now

Increase your understanding of the fundamentals of quality planning.

Te Kāuta 6: Te Koni Whakamua | Preparing for Certification

Online | Available Now

Get prepared for full certification. 

Tūhuratanga Pūtaiao 1

ONLINE | Available Now

This short module covers different types of scientific investigations to introduce to your ākonga.

Tūhuratanga Pūtaiao 2

ONLINE | Available Now

This second module, of the Tūhuratanga Pūtaiao series, covers the process of carrying out a scientific investigation and types of data that can be useful.

Tūhuratanga Pūtaiao 3

ONLINE | Available Now

This third module focuses on setting a good question for a scientific investigation.

Tūhuratanga Pūtaiao 4

ONLINE | Available Now

The final module in the Tūhuratanga Pūtaiao series, looks at observation as investigation.


| Friday, 31/12/2021 - Friday, 31/12/2021

Enrolments Close: Friday, 31/12/2021 5:00am

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