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He Whakamārama

This is the final in a series of self-paced tutorials designed for Pūtaiao kaiako. This online tool (presentation, quiz and study set) created for kaiako Pūtaiao, is based on a powerpoint presentation called ‘Tūhuratanga Pūtaiao’ that was developed by Heeni Hope, a Māori medium Pūtaiao specialist. The series of tutorials enables kaiako to consider what the key considerations are when planning to undertake investigations.

Ngā Tohutohu

  1. He Whakaaturanga - view the presentation and explore the information presented (12 slides)
  2. He Akoranga Māu - test your understanding by completing the quiz that follows
  3. Ākona ngā Rerenga Hou - learn new words and phrases pertinent to 'Tūhuratanga Pūtaiao 4' using the Quizlet study set provided 

He Whakaaturanga

Explore the information and content provided in the presentation embedded below:

He Akoranga Māu

Test your understanding of the information you’ve read in the powerpoint by answering a few simple True/False statements.