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He Rau Hanganga


Go for a walk outside. Can you find some ngārara like pungawerewere, ngata, pūrerehua. How many can you find? Draw a sketch and label some parts of their tinana e.g. parirau - wings.


Make some Gloop: Gloop Recipe


Build your own bubble wand using a plastic bottle or a cup Bubble wands. Now make some bubbles using soap or dishwashing liquid. Ask an adult first.

Ngārara Blaster

Design and build a ‘Master Virus Blaster!’ that will cure the Coronavirus. Use items from around the house like glad wrap rolls, newspaper, magazines, bottles or tins.

Kanohi Ārai

Create your own face mask/ārai kanohi using material, paper bags. Decorate it and make it cool!


Build a hut either inside or outside. You can use blankets, cushions and chairs if you are inside. Find a book, lie down and read.