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Tāia, Tuhia, Tākina

Whakaaro Huritao

Spend 5 minutes each day writing down your thoughts and reflections, or draw an emoji to describe how you are feeling. Include one thing you are grateful for, or something you really enjoyed doing that day.

Create a timetable

Each day, outline what you will do with your day. Don’t forget to add the times and how long you will do each activity.


Create a karakia to protect your whānau. Tākina te karakia with whānau in the morning and at night. Keep it simple.

Te Taiao

Spend time noticing your taiao! How many different leaves can you see? How many different rākau? How many manu? Make a list, take a photo, draw a picture, scrapbook.

Just imagine!

Who isn’t in your whare but you would like in your whare?  Why would you have them in your whare? Write a few sentences to explain why you would like them to be in your whare. Draw a picture to go with your writing.

Be Kind

What are the things you appreciate that you cannot do at the moment? What is one act of kindness you could do for someone in your whare today? What is one act of kindness you could do for yourself today? Make a poster/ wordle / list of different acts of kindness.