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Te Toi Ako


Paper Planes

Make a Paper Plane. Decorate it with your favourite colours or recycled materials. If you need instructions, click here.

Pōtae Pōrangi!

Have a hat competition with whānau. Recycle materials you find at home to decorate or make a special hat. Set up a ‘cat walk’ and get everyone to model their hats. Let’s see who wins!

Rau Ngahuru

Collect leaves from outside. Create leaf rubbing pictures with crayons or coloured pencils.


Using recycled materials from around the whare, design and create a wind chime. Use string, shells, beads … anything you can find! Here are some instructions for making a wind chime from recycled tin cans.

Mahi Auaha

Te Whakarākei Ipu Hangarua (Siobahn Houkamau)


Design and make your own tīpare (headband). Recycle paper or paper bags and decorate or create a pattern and colour it in. Take a selfie and share with the whānau or your classmates.