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Whakapakari i te Whare


Tik Tok

Learn a Tik Tok kanikani. Start a whānau Tik Tok wero. (You’ll need to ask an adult to download the app).

Easy Circuit

Create an easy exercise circuit. Start with 3 different exercises and work up to 6 over the coming weeks. Some example exercises are, star jumps, running on the spot, skipping, sit ups, press ups.

Kimi Taonga

Hide objects around the whare. Get others to walk around and try to find them. Don’t make it too easy - put some outside, behind bushes, up a tree.

Whakapakari Tinana

For more of a challenge, follow one of the ‘Fitness in the Whare’ episodes from Māori TV.

Whakatika Moenga

Make your bed each morning and clean your room.

Horoi Waka

Get outside with a bucket of soapy water and clean the car. Don’t forget to clean the rims of the tyres! Clean the inside with the vacuum.

Ngaki Māra

It takes a lot of energy and strength to weed the garden. Set aside time to weed a part of the garden and sow some vegetables. If you don’t have seeds, save some of your left-over, raw vegetables like lettuce, onions, garlic and grow in a small glass of water. Watch them sprout. When they are ready, plant in the garden.