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Collaborative Inquiries

What is a Collaborative Inquiry?

A collaborative inquiry cluster is a group of teachers who work together on a shared teacher inquiry. The group will be made up of teachers who share a common interest or challenge. Need more information such as who can join a cluster, how long it will take, costs, expectations are all outlined in this information sheet.



What does the cluster do?

Members of a collaborative inquiry cluster:

  • work together on a common issue affecting their teaching practice and therefore, their students. 
  • share, discuss, learn together as a group
  • support each to achieve better student outcomes than any one person could achieve on their own.




If you have an inquiry in mind and want to join a group of like minded kaiako, let us know.



Toi Hāpai is a collaborative inquiry group, formed from a passion for Visual Arts and accelerating Māori success. We specialise in painting, printmaking, design and photography. We are experienced in leading, budgeting, and resourcing for visual arts in schools.


We are a rōpū made up of four kaiako Māori and are all in our first or second year of teaching. We hail from ngā hau e whā and are working collaboratively on an inquiry. We are all faced with similar issues in our classrooms, specifically looking at NCEA Level...
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