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Tēnā koe!

Thank you for agreeing to present at our Hui ā-Tau 2021.


If you haven't yet, please complete the PRESENTER INFO AND REQUIREMENTS FORM linked at the bottom of this page with details about you and your presentation.


Once your form has been completed and submitted, the tari will be in touch to help you prepare for an online delivery. 


Before filling in the form, please read the following information carefully about things to consider.




The theme for Hui ā-Tau 2021 is Eke Tangaroa! We invite speakers to connect with this theme in their presentations.


Three 'strands' of workshops will be offered:







If you are presenting a workshop, we will ask which of these strands your kaupapa fits with best. 


Length of your presentation

If you have been invited as a Keynote Speaker you will be allocated a 40-minute presentation slot.  

Workshop presenters have the choice of either a 20-minute or 40-minute slot. 

Shorter presentations are usually more informative, while longer presentations are better if they are interactive.


Option to pre-record

Due to the virtual nature of Hui ā-Tau 2021, you have the option to pre-record your presentation.

Whether you pre-record or deliver your presentation live is dependent on two key-factors:

  • the level of interaction you wish to have with your audience, and
  • your availability on the day/evening of the conference (9am-5pm, Tuesday, 5 October 2021).


Here are some questions to think through:

  • Are you available to present live on 5th October 2021? 
  • Would you feel more comfortable pre-recording?
  • Do you plan on taking questions during the presentation, or would you prefer to answer them after the workshop?
  • Will your workshop be interactive?

Please note: You can still pre-record and be available for live Q&A afterwards. Think about what you feel most comfortable with – it is entirely up to you!


Hand-outs and Slideshow Presentation

Just like a face-to-face workshop, you have the option of using a presentation (e.g.,Powerpoint, Prezi etc.) and having a handout available to participants.

These need to be sent to us at least two-weeks prior to Hui ā-Tau (by 21st September). 


Format: webinar or meeting?

As the Hui ā-Tau app integrates with Zoom, we have the capacity to set your workshop in a webinar or meeting format. Below is an explanation of the difference:


  • Webinar: You won’t see or hear the participants. The webinar option is often when your workshop’s purpose is to inform participants about a certain topic. Participants can use either the chat or Q&A function to send their queries. 


  • Meeting: You can see participants and they will be able to interact with you. This option is great for workshops that have an interactive component e.g., doing tasks or going over the handout. Participants are usually muted at the beginning of the workshop, but can enable their microphones / cameras when the session starts.


Details we require from you:

  • Biography (e.g., pepeha, background, experience, qualifications, aspirations)
  • A photo of you 
  • Your organisation's logo (optional)
  • Your availability
  • Details about your workshop (e.g., length, title, synopsis, language of delivery, pre-recorded or live delivery)
  • Any other information you think we should know.



Click here to complete the PRESENTER INFO AND REQUIREMENTS form. 

Alternatively, click here to download a WORD version to complete and email to us. 

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