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Standards - FAQs

Answers to commonly asked questions asked by kaiako when encountering "Our Standards".


What is ‘Our Code, Our Standards’?

"Our Code, Our Standards’ refers to the new Code of Professional Responsibility and Standards for the Teaching Profession. ‘Our Code’ sets out four commitments of behaviour and conduct for teachers. ‘Our Standards’ describe the expectations of our teaching practice. There are six new standards that replace the former 12 Practicing Teacher Criteria.

Who are they for?

‘Our Code, Our Standards’ applies to every certified teacher in Aotearoa, regardless of role or teaching environment. The Code also applies to those who have a Limited Authority to Teach.

When is implementation?
  • The draft Code and Standards document has been available for kura to trial since June 2017.


  • Actual implementation of ‘Our Code, Our Standards’ began in January 2018. Kura and kaiako are now expected to demonstrate their understanding of the new Code and Standards  by working together in workshops, in professional discussions and in daily practice. Evidence of quality practice should align to the Standards and be displayed in  your professional portfolios.
If you have been using the former 12 criteria to evidence your teaching practice, can you still use this evidence?
  • If you are in your second (or more) Provisional Certification period, you can continue to use the evidence you have gathered already in your professional portfolio relating to the previous criteria.


  • New teachers in 2018 should use the new Standards as the basis for gathering evidence.


  • Any evidence that you have collected since the beginning of 2018 should be aligned to the new ‘Our Code, Our Standards’.


  • Fully certificated teachers should be gathering evidence relating to the new Standards. 
What resources are available to support your understanding of the new Codes and Standards?



  • These resources will support you in unpacking your practice, aligning your evidence to the Standards, and showcasing your understanding of what they look like in your classroom.
Should your portfolio be set up for each standard, or can you set it up in a more holistic way?
  • Evidence of each standard should be shown clearly in your portfolio.


  • That said, portfolios can be set up based on your personal preference. This could include a section for each standard, or be based on examples of your quality, daily practice.


  • If you are setting up your portfolio based on practice, use the Quality Practices Template to help you identify which standard is being demonstrated. Tag the example with the relevant standard number(s).


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