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Teach and respond to learners in a knowledgeable and adaptive way to progress their learning at an appropriate depth and pace.



Ako Panuku Resources


  • Teachers' reflection tools - Quick and easy tools aligned to the teaching standards, to support you in reflecting on your teaching practice. Templates are available in English and Māori.


  • Quality Practice Templates - Ako Panuku have developed these templates to show what the Teaching Standard can look like for teachers (either English or Māori medium settings), or for leaders in schools or kura.


  • Leader self-reflection - Teaching - A self-reflection template to help leaders think about their practice in relation to the Teaching Standard. In English and Māori. Also available in a writable pdf version.


Useful External Links


Supporting Māori students through ako-e (e-learning) A Ministry resource for supporting students trough e-learning.


Using digital technologies to support learning in a senior secondary context A Ministry resource focused on senior seconday students

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