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Values, passions, vision & mission


Being more aware of your values enables you to use them to guide you in making decisions that you are comfortable with in any given situation. Having a clear sense of your values, passions and strengths enables you to write a strong mission statement to guide your creation of successful future pathways.



Passions and Strengths


Incorporating our passions into our work is a way to stay fulfilled and engaged in our career. Our passion in our mahi is often forgotten, especially with deadlines, lesson planning, assessments, staff meetings and administration tasks all competing for our attention and energy. Our passions are not ‘one thing’ but a unique blend of your own special talents, strengths, beliefs and values. If you are struggling to articulate your passions, download this guide to get you started.




Vision and Mission


Having a clear vision and mission gives your life direction and guides you in making important life and career decisions. 
A vision describes your ideal future state. A mission statement captures how you are going to realize the vision. These resources can support you to write your personal vision statement and your personal mission statement.



Setting Goals and Personal Vision Statements



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