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Te Pōkai Kākākura Story


A supportive professional Māori Leadership network that is ever evolving and innovative.



Every journey has a narrative, and a shared narrative is not only powerful in the way that it builds our sense of community, but it was also a practiced method of passing on knowledge and accounts that our tupuna were skilled at. All our anecdotes when woven together provide a historical continuum of the Pōkai Kākākura community story. Ako Panuku has committed to celebrating success with our various communities this year, this unfolding of our story is a part of this commitment to celebration.

All leaders create their own unique flight path, and it is acknowledged that learning is life-long and with support at every stage, all can add to this learning. Just as migration for our manu tuakana is the regular, repeated, seasonal movement from one location to another, so too should leadership development be considered something that happens in a regular, annual and accumulative manner.

Many times, our manu tuakana will get prompted to begin their journey and so it is often that we as professionals get inspired to either commence or continue leadership training whether for management opportunities, new positions or because a person is encouraging us. Innate leadership often identifies those of us that have natural ability and become readily recognised as leaders but we at Ako Panuku believe that leadership skills and qualities are to be found in all. While we understand that not all those that undertake leadership training go on to become Principals, our vision to inspire and strengthen our Māori Leaders within our various kura and schools into the future is compelling.

At the time that Pōkai Kākākura was created there was no specific support and PLD for Māori leaders in their unique positions in education other than what Ako Panuku was offering, and this support has seen several initiatives over the years including our First Time Principals programme for which MOE granted recognition approval to.

In 2016, an Ako Panuku Leadership symposium was held and the fledging of the concept in which our leadership community became known took to the skies. While some of the terms used to house the different communities may have changed slightly – the mission, vision and purpose has not.


Supporting teachers and leaders in Māori-medium and English-medium settings to be the best practitioners and leaders they can be.


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